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Archbishop's Office
Rumah Uskup Agung
528 Jalan Bukit Nanas
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: / /
Executive Secretary: Ms. Franciska Savarimuthu


Archdiocesan Finance Committee

President: Most Rev Murphy Pakiam
Msgr. Daniel Lim, VG
Tan Sri Sir Lim Leong Seng,PSM
Msgr. James Gnanapiragasam, VG
Rev. Phillips Muthu                                                              
Rev. George Packiasamy
Dato Lim Boh Ang, DIMP
Secretary: Mr. Ong Cheng Watt


Archdiocesan Pastoral Coucil (APC)
The Archdiocesan Pastoral Council(APC) is a consultative body prescribed by Canon law and under the authority of the Bishop to study and weight matters which concern pastoral works in the Diocese and to propose practical conclusions Canon 511. Following are the members of the APC for a 3 year term starting with Advent (02.12.2007).
                                                                                         President: Archbishop Murphy Pakiam
Chairperson: Rev. Clarence Devadass
Secretary: Mr. Andrew Teoh
Ex-officio Members
Vicar Generals: Msgr. Daniel Lim
                      Msgr. James Gnanapiragasam
Chancellor: Rev. Jestus Pereira
Council of Priests Rep:
Director of Pastoral Inst: Rev. Clarence Devadass
1. Council of Religious: Sr. Bibianah Dunsin, FSP                   
2.Ministry for Pastoral Care & Mission Concerns: Fr V A Michael
3.Archdiocesan Social Communication Ministry: Fr Jean Claude
4.Arch Ministry of Integral Human Development:Mr Tony Wee
5.Archdiocesan Catechetical Ministry: Mr Roy Chua
6.Archdiocesan Biblical Ministry: Ms Michelle Kuan
7.Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission: Rev Leonard Lexson
9.Arch Ministry of Renewal Groups: Mr Matthew Cheah
10.Archdiocesan Family Life Ministry: Mr Andrew Teoh
                                                      Mr Andrene Teoh
11.Arch Vocation Promotion Team: Rev Christopher Wilvaraj
12.Arch Single Adults & Youth Office:Rev Raymond Michael 13.Arch Ministry of Ecumenical & Interreligious Affairs: Mr John D'Cruz
14. Arch Tamil Language Apostolate
: Rev Albet Arockiasamy                                    15. Arch Chinese Language Apostolate
: Sr Theresa Chew
16. Arch Bahasa Malaysia Apostolate:
17. Basic Ecclesial Communities
Animating Team
: Ms Maria Yan
18. Nominated Members: a) Mr Richard Chia
                                     b) Ms Kamala Mary
                                      c) Dr Steven Selvaraju
19. KL Central District
Priest : Rev Terrence Thomas                                             Representative: Mr Daniel Chew
Representative: Ms Elena Chan
20. KL North District
Priest : Rev Peter Bretaudeau
Representative: Mr Noel Andrew Philip
Representative: Ms Patricia Lee
21. KL South District
Priest : Rev George Harrison
Representative: Mr Clement Ambrose
Representative: Ms Josephine Nathan
22. Petaling Jaya
Priest : Rev Simon Yong SJ
Representative: Mr Lawrence Goh
Representative: Ms Grace Nair
23. Klang District
Priest : Rev Lawrence Andrew SJ
Representative: Mr Alan Goh
Representative: Ms Angline Dass                                           24. Negeri Sembilan District
Priest : Rev Mari Arokiam
Representative: Mr Murty S B Nair
Representative: Ms Suzanne Tee
25. North-west S'gor District
Priest : Rev Leonard John                                                     Representative: Mr Steven Kumar
Representative: Ms Rita Kumar
26. Pahang/Terengganu District
Priest : Rev Jean Claude
Representative: Mr Anthony Kuppa
Representative: Ms Camelia Fong


Rev. Jestus Pereira
Cardijn House
528 Jalan Bukit Nanas 50250 Kuala Lumpur


College of Consultors

President: Most Rev Murphy Pakiam
Chairperson: Msgr. James Gnanapiragasam, VG
Msgr Daniel Lim, VG
Rev. Jestus Pereira, Chancellor
Rev. Clarence Devadass
Rev. Philips Muthu                                                               
Rev. Albet Arockiasamy


Council of Priests
President: Most Rev Murphy Pakiam, DD
Chairperson: Mgr. James Gnanapiragasam, VG
Msgr Daniel Lim, VG
Rev Jestus Pereira - Chancellor
Rev Clarence Devadass - Director API
Rev A. Amalanathan
Rev Mari Arokiam
Fev Jean-Claude Lourdes
Rev Joachim Tan
Rev George Harrison
Rev Mitchel Anthony
Rev Patrick Boudville
Rev Phillips Muthu
Rev Simon Yong, SJ
Rev Thomas Terrance
Rev V.A.Michael


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